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Webcam Test is a free online tool for testing your pc or laptop camera.

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Privacy The video and audio are generated locally by your browser. It will not be sent to the server.

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About Online Webcam Test

It is a free-to-use web tool where you can test and check the webcam of your phone, laptop, or desktop easily. Also, it directly works from your browser. Hence, you will not have to download any third-party software or application to check your webcam. The online camera test tool is very secure as everything happens locally by the browser. No data is sent to the web servers.

The tool perfectly works with all the operating systems. It will straightway detect any kind of problem which your webcam may be facing. Hence, it becomes a very useful tool for diagnosing your webcam.

You can also take snapshots using our tool through your webcam. In addition, the webcam test app also checks the microphone. So, you can use it to check whether your microphone is working fine or not.

Webcam Test - Online Camera Testing

How does the Camera Test work?

Let's learn how to check your pc or laptop's camera. Our tool begins the process by checking that if your browser allows accessing the camera and microphone. If it finds the necessary devices then it is ready to go. When a user clicks on "Test Webcam", the browser will ask permission to access the camera and microphone. After getting the permission, the camera and microphone will be turned on and you can see yourself on the screen.

The tool uses JavaScript codes to access your camera and mic locally on the browser. It has no relation with the web servers. Therefore, you are on a fully secured platform for testing your webcam.

Why use Online Webcam Test?

  1. Easy User Interface: No confusing buttons to trouble the user. Using the camera test tool is very simple. Just grant the access and click the "Test Webcam" button.
  2. Be assured about your webcam: Using this tool you can determine that your webcam works properly or not.
  3. Fast: The tool works instantly to display webcam results. Also, there is no time delay. You don't have to wait to see yourself on the screen.
  4. More than just a testing tool: Our tool provides more features than just testing the camera. You can download a snapshot from the camera. You can also see the complete details about your webcam and microphone. Such as resolution, height, width, aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, microphone sample rate, latency, and many more.
  5. Multiple devices supported: You can switch between multiple webcams and microphones and see the results.
  6. Very secure: Everything takes place locally on your web browser. Also, the app does not send webcam or microphone data to the web server.
  7. Cross-platform support: You can use this tool on any device like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart tv, etc. It also works in all the popular operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, Macintosh, Android, etc.

Features of Webcam Test Tool

Let's know about all the different features present in the camera testing tool.

  • Camera and Microphone Selection: You can use the drop-down menus to select the webcam and microphone to be tested.
  • Test Webcam: This button starts the testing of the webcam and microphone.
  • Output Screen: This is the place where the output of your webcam will be displayed.
  • Pause/Play Button: This button is used to play or pause the webcam.
  • Download: Take a snapshot from this testing app using the "Download" button and save it on your local device.
  • Fullscreen: This button will maximize the output screen.
  • Camera and Mic Details: See all the information related to your webcam and microphone from this section.

How to Test your PC or Laptop Camera?

Follow these simple steps to test the camera of your PC, Laptop or Smartphone:

  1. Firstly, start the web browser and open the Online Webcam Test.
  2. Select the right camera and microphone in case if you have multiple devices attached in your system.
  3. Now press the "Test Webcam" button to get started.
  4. After that, choose the "Allow" when your browser asks permission to access the media device (Camera and Microphone).
  5. Now you can see yourself on the output screen.
  6. To take a snapshot you can use the "Download" button. For pausing the video click on the "Pause" button. For a full-screen view of the video press the Full-Screen button.

Troubleshooting Guide

So, you used the webcam testing tool and found that your webcam is not working. Try these quick solutions to fix the issues.

1. Disabled permission

Your webcam will not start in the browser if you have disabled it when the browser asked for permission to use the media devices.

To fix it just go to the browser settings then head towards the site settings and enable the camera and microphone permission. In some web browsers, you can also enable the permission by pressing the camera icon on the search bar.

2. Blurry webcam

Try cleaning your camera to remove the blurry effect. If the problem still occurs then there must be some internal issue. Also, check the camera settings for resolution.

3. Webcam drivers

If you have granted the permission and your webcam is alright but still, it is not working then there can be some issue with the device drivers. Go to the Device Manager and reinstall or update the drivers and try again.

4. The Camera is being used by another application

In many systems, multiple usages of the webcam are not allowed. Therefore, you have to turn off all other applications that are using the webcam.

5. Cable problem

If you are using an external webcam then check your camera cable. Maybe it is not properly connected or something wrong with it.

6. Not clearly visible

If your picture is not clearly visible then try adjusting the light or brightness.

7. Select the right camera

If your system has multiple cameras then you have to select the right webcam for testing.


Yes, it's completely free to use. Also, there are no limitations on testing. You can test it unlimited times.

No, you can use our camera test tool directly without any login or registration.

Yes, just plug your external camera into your system and then select the right camera in the tool.

Try all the ways mentioned in the troubleshooting guide. If still, you are not able to test it then there might be some internal issue with the webcam or your browser doesn't support a media device.

Yes, it's 100% secure to use. Because we do not store or send any type of user's data to the webserver. All the activities are done locally on your web browser.